2021 Tohatsu MFS3.5 3.5 HP

This portable best-seller has been upgraded with newly designed top and bottom cowl based on the Tohatsu Design Philosophy for Marine Products using Simpliq™ Technology with ergonomically designed front and back carrying handles.

In addition, you can now store your engine in 3 different positions without worrying about oil spillage.
*Please refer to Owner's Manual for storage and transportation guidelines.

The 3.5 hp is lightweight and has a four point vibration absorption system to minimize vibration. And with sensational fuel economy this little compact 3.5hp engine has it all; making it one of the best choices available for portable outboard power.

Basic Info

Make: Tohatsu
Model: MFS3.5
Year: 2021
Condition: New
Category: Outboard

Technical Details

Power: 3.5 HP
RPM: 6000
Fuel: Gasoline
Number Cylinders: 2


Steering System: Tiller
Starting System: Manual


Displacement: 5.2 cid
Bore: 55 in
Weight: 41 lb
Weight Type: Dry
Stroke: 36 in
Alternator Output: 5 Volts
Gear Ratio: 2.15.1

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